April 16, 2013

0603 POLAND (Lower Silesia) - Książ Castle

Located on a rock cliff on the bank of the Pelcznica RiverKsiąż Castle (Zamek Książ), often called "the Pearl of Lower Silesia", is surrounded by the forest, within a protected area called Książ Landscape Park. The original fortification was destroyed in 1263 by Ottokar II of Bohemia, but 25 years later Bolko I, Duke of Świdnica and Jawor, built a new castle. It passed through several hands (including of the Hussites) until 1482, when it was destroyed again. In 1509 it became the property of Hoberg family (from 1714: Hochberg), who owned it until 1941, when was taken by German State partly to pay taxes, partly as punishment for the "treason" of Hans Heinrich’s eldest children: one served in the British army, the other in the Polish one. During WWII was part of the Project Riese, which consisted in the building of seven underground military complexes of the Nazi Germany. In 1945 the castle was occupied by the Red Army, and all artifacts were lost or destroyed.

The castle took the shape of today during the 16th century, when the central tower, walls and ramparts were added to the original building. The transformation from Gothic to Baroque was carried out in the early 18th century, when was added the Baroque east wing (including the Maximilian Hall, the finest part of the castle), was erected the Summer Pavilion, the main tower was remodelled and the gardens extended. The Neoclassical western and northern wings were added in the 1910s. After the WWII the castle was neglected, the rebuilding beginning only in 1972 and being completed in 2005.

About the stamp
The stamp, depicting the convent of Jasna Gora, is part of the Polish Cities series,  about which I wrote here.

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sender: Mircea Ostoia
sent from Wałbrzych (Lower Silesia / Poland), on 09.10.2012
photo: Janusz Moniatowicz / 2004


  1. Vederea asta chiar e trimisa de la poarta castelului... este cutie postala si acolo am pus vederea ;) http://klmircea.wix.com/postcardtravelguide

  2. Its a very large castle. So beautiful on the rocks surrounded by forests