August 31, 2016

1899, 2724 GERMANY (Schleswig-Holstein) - Westerheversand Lighthouse

2724 Westerheversand Lighthouse

Posted on 16.09.2015, 31.08.2016
The Westerheversand Lighthouse is situated on the German North Sea coast in the northern part of the peninsula of Eiderstedt. Here the Hever stream has formed a channel in the intertidal area, in which the water flows to and from with the tides causing a continuously change in the depths and the extension of the sands. Many ships were stranded in this dangerous area, so in the beginning of this century it was decided to build a lighthouse at this site.

1899 A painting with a imaginary lighthouse,
inspired by Westerheversand Lighthouse

Work on the lighthouse began in 1906. Since the tower was to be built in the sands outside the diked area, a hill as protection against high floods was created. Then it was tightened by letting horses stamp the area. One hundred twenty seven wooden piles were driven into the ground as a base for the tower. The lighthouse itself is constructed of hundreds of pre-manufactured plates of cast iron. The light was finally lit for the first time in 1908.

The two keepers houses were used until 1978 when the station was automated. Today the quarters are used by the Wattenmeer National Park and a university. The Westereversand Lighthouse is believed to be the most photographed German Lighthouse. It is often used for weddings, and one of the two keeper's cottages has been adapted for use by the local registrar. The tower has been open to visitors since 2001. 

About the stamps
On the postcard 1899
The first two stamps belong to the set Blumen, about which I wrote here. The last stamp is part of the series German lighthouses, about which I wrote here.

On the postcard 2724

The stamp, designed by C. Ulyanovsk, is a joint issue with Belarus, issued on June 22, 2016 to celebrate the Defense of the Brest Fortress in WWII.

Sender 1899: Irene / igeado (postcrossing) DE 4519403
Sent from Grasberg (Bremen / Germany), on 14.09.2015
Sender 2724: Olga Dorogova (direct swap)
Sent from Pskov (Pskov Oblast / Russia), on 07.07.2016

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