June 11, 2013

0675 GERMANY (Bavaria) - The German Alpine Road at Sylvenstein Dam

The German Alpine Road (Deutsche Alpenstrasse) is a 430 km long stretch of roads snaking along the Austrian border, through the spectacular Alpine foothills of southern Bavaria, starting at Lindau on Lake Constance and ending at Berchtesgaden on Lake Königssee - just short of Salzburg. Dreamt up by Hitler in the 1920s and only recently fully completed, it is the most spectacular mountainous scenery in Germany, with ski resorts, more than 60 spa resorts, 21 mountain lakes, 25 castles, palaces and abbeys, not to mention the charming villages with their baroque, onion-domed churches, and a host of bridges, viaducts, tunnels and mountain passes.

Among the lakes crossed by the German Alpin Road is Sylvenstein Stausse (Sylvenstein Reservoir), placed on the Isar valley, at an altitude of 750m. The hydropower plants built in the tributary of the upper Isar river in the 1920s lead to a very low level of the river during the dry season, which affected some settlements, mainly the town of Bad Tölz. The Sylvenstein Dam was erected in 1959 exactly to ensure a minimum level of water in the river. In the north of the reservoir is the Schindelberg (1,145m high), located at the lake. In the south you can be seen the Demeljoch (1,923m) and the popular hiking mountain Scharfreiter (2,101m).

About the stamp, which is part of a common issue Romania - Germany, Biertan Fortified Church - UNESCO World Heritage Site, I wrote here.

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