June 20, 2013

0688 MOROCCO - A peddler of oranges

In Morocco, as in all the Mediterranean countries, oranges are among the fruits grown typically. Although the groves occupying relatively small areas, more than 20 varieties of oranges and mandarins are produced in this country, and the peddlers of oranges aren't rare in some area in Morocco.

At the one from the postcard, the tradition and novelty are intertwined in a way that reflects contemporary life in Maghreb countries (and not only). He is dressed rather traditionally, with a kaftan (a front-buttoned coat or overdress, usually reaching to the ankles, with wide sleeves, met in Islamic or Islamicate cultures) and turban (a headwear present in many countries), and carries the oranges in woven baskets that were once worn by camels or donkeys. Now he uses a bicycle, and from its handlebars hangs a plastic bag. Moreover, he drink water or something  from a plastic bottle (the photographer took care that the label to be covered, to avoid, perhaps, the disguised advertisement).

About the stamp I wrote here.

sender: Hanane (direct swap)
sent from Taroudant (Morocco), on 05.02.2013 

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