August 2, 2013

0780 SWEDEN (Södermanland) - S/S Ejdern of Södertälje

0780-1 S/S Ejdern of Södertälje in nowadays

Located at 30km southwest of Stockholm, on a bay of Lake Mälaren, which is here connected with the Baltic Sea by the Södertälje Canal (56 km in length), Södertälje is the main site for truck manufacturer Scania AB and also for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Furthermore, the port of Södertälje, the second in the Stockholm region, hosts something unique: the oldest coal fired propeller driven steamer, with original engine, in the world.

0780-2 S/S Ejdern of Södertälje in 1905

Built in 1880 in Gothenburg to frequent the archipelago, in nowadays S/S Ejdern makes day trips during the summer to Birka, Adelsö, Drottningholm, Stockholm and Mariefred. A voyage with S/S Ejdern is like travelling back to the past. The propulsion is provided by a Compound engine at 65 IHP, and a boiler of Scotch type, coal fired. Between 1914 and 1957 it had a single captain, Rikard Fredmark.

About the stamps
On the postcard 0780-1
The stamp, depicting Queen Silvia, is part of a definitive series about which I wrote here.

On the postcard 0780-2
The stamp, depicting Pink-winged Grasshopper, is part of a series with insects, issued on January 10, 2013. The series contains four stamps, all with the same face value (12.00 SEK):
Baltic Hawker
Harlequin Bug
Pink-winged Grasshopper - It's on the postcard 0780-2

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Ejdern - Official website

Sender: Ona Frantz and Michael Haulică
Sent from Södertälje (Södermanland / Sweden), on 28.07.2013
Photo 0780-1: Ake Ohlsson
Photo 0780-2: Axel Kinells Fotografiatelier / 1905

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