December 25, 2013

0916 CANADA (Ontario) - Post Office and Town Clock at Eganville

Eganville is a small community occupying a deep limestone valley carved at the Fifth Chute of the Bonnechere River, in the township of Bonnechere Valley (formed in 2001 by the union of Grattan, Sebastopol, South Algona and Eganville). The power of the river has been harnessed since 1848, but it was John Egan's grist mill that gets credit for stimulating the town's growth, which took his name. In 1911, a great fire destroyed many of the buildings in Eganville. A year later, the Municipal Building was erected, and served as the village post office until 1973. In 2001 the building became the home of the Bonnechere Museum and one of the most well known symbols of Eganville.

This elegant stone edifice is one of the most attractive buildings in the Ottawa Valley. The museum board intends to restore the interior for presentations and exhibits, and, in particular, return the upstairs apartment to its period layout and décor, designating space for each of the original municipalities. The Victorian mansard roof, with its steep pitch and upper portion nearly flat, results in a higher and more useful interior space than can be obtained with other roof types. The second floor windows are rectangular, but the white lintels and sills help them blend with those of the main floor.

About the stamps
The first two stamps are part of a series issued on April 5, 2012, to mark the centennial of the sinking of RMS Titanic. These stamps pay tribute to the people of Halifax, who rose up and took on the call of duty to help with the response and recovery efforts. The collection, created by Haligonian design team of Dennis Page and Oliver Hill, showcases the best-known ship in the world with depth and realism and adds some poignant Canadian attributes. The series contain five stamps:
• two se-tenant stamps wich show the Titanic's bow (P) - are on the postcard
• two se-tenant stamps wich show the Titanic's stern (P)
• a stamp which feature a full-colour side illustration of the Titanic, sailing on a calm ocean with a layered map showing relevant locations (1.80 CAD)

The last stamp is part of a serie which celebrates the 100th Grey Cup game, composed by eight team stamps, plus one to honour the Cup itself, which depicts the sought-after trophy, as well as current and former players from opposite teams running alongside (it's on the postcard). This stamp was designed by Bensimon Byrne.

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