December 29, 2013

0924 GREECE (South Aegean) - The volcanic island Nisyros

Located in Aegean Sea, between Kos and Tilos, the volcanic island Nisyros is part of the Dodecanese group of islands and has a shape approximately round, with a diameter of about 8km. According to Greek mythology, it was formed when Poseidon cut off a part of Kos and threw it onto the giant Polybotes to stop him from escaping. From geological point of view,  was constructed within the past 150,000 years, with 3 separate eruptive stages, ranging from explosive and effusive andesitic eruptions to effusive and extrusive dacitic and rhyolitic activity.

Its coasts are generally rocky or pebbled, but there are also a few sandy beaches. The volcano is currently active (but not erupting), and fumaroles are found at the craters. The latest eruptive activity was a steam explosion in 1888. A great depression, Rammos and Lakki, is located east of the center of the island. It is steep sided and its bottom is about 100m above sea level. At the far end of the valley is a small explosion sink named Stefanos (in the postcard), with about 300m in diameter and 25 m deep.

About the stamps
The first stamp belongs to the series Destination... Greece, about which I wrote here. The second is part of a series named Primary School Reading Books, about which I wrote here.

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