June 7, 2017

3080 UNITED KINGDOM (England) - Osmington White Horse

The Osmington White Horse is a hill figure cut into the limestone of Osmington Hill just north of Weymouth in 1808. The figure is of King George III riding his horse and can be seen for miles around. The king was a regular visitor to Weymouth and made it 'the first resort'. The figure is 85m long and 98m high and was restored in 1989 for a broadcast of the TV show Challenge Anneka, although the work was subsequently criticised by historians for doing more harm than good. Anneka Rice.

In August 2011 pranksters added a 'horn' made from plastic sheeting to make the horse resemble a unicorn. In 2012, it was announced that for the Olympics 2012, the horse would be cleaned and slightly recut to make it look like the original when it was cut in 1808. Restoration was completed on 11 March 2012, and Princess Anne attended a ceremony at which a new plaque made of local stone was revealed. The restoration was done by volunteers, who spent two years carrying out repairs.

About the stamps
The first three stamps are part of the definitive series about which I wrote here.

The last stamp is part of the series Racehorse Legends, designed by Together Design & Michael Heslop (Illustrations), and issued on April 6, 2017.
• Frankel (1st class) - It's on the postcard 3080
• Red Rum (1st class)
• Shergar (1.17 GBP)
• Kauto Star (1.17 GBP)
• Desert Orchid (1.40 GBP)
• Brigadier Gerard (1.40 GBP)
• Arkle (1.57 GBP)
• Estimate (1.57 GBP)

Osmington White Horse - Wikipedia

Sender: Lita Abbey (postcrossing lottery)
Sent from Didcot (England / United Kingdom), on 23.05.2017

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