June 17, 2017

3089 FRANCE (Centre-Val de Loire) - Chateau de Boisrenault in Buzançais

The Château du Boisrenault, located 12 kilometers from the commune Buzançais, in the Indre department in central France, was built from 1882 to 1896 in Renaissance style by Huard de Boisrenault, who offered it as a wedding present to his daughter Marguerite, when she married Viscount Léonce de Maussabré. The youngest son of the two, Louis, will live there with his wife Denise. When her nephew Yves du Manoir married Sylvie, Denise was widow and offered to share her home. They have 3 children: Olivier, Florence and Véronique.

In 1988, Sylvie decided to open the castle to the hosts. In 2000, Yves died and Sylvie prefers to stop this activity which was taken up by Véronique, her husband Miguel, and their children Hadrien et Yarelli. Miguel, of Mexican nationality, didn't bear the cold winters, so the family moved under the sun of Mexico in 2003. Florence, who lived next door to her children Elfie, Colas and Marin, returned to her childhood home, and since 2016, Elfie and Colas have taken up the torch. The château is surrounded by a small wood of centenaries trees and has 5 rooms to rent.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the definitive series issued on  July 16, 2014, about which I wrote here.
The second stamp, depicting Louis XIV (1638-1715), is part of the series France History, about which I wrote here.

Chateau de Boisrenault - Official website

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