June 23, 2017

3096 ROMANIA - Romanian from Transylvania in traditional workaday costume


The structure of Romanian traditional clothing has remained unchanged throughout history and can be traced back to the earliest times. It finds its roots in the part of Dacians and Getae ancestors, and resembles with that of the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula. The first testimonies about it are set in stone, on Tropaeum Traiani monument in Adamclisi and Trajan's Column in Rome, and its first representations date from the 14th century, in Chronicon Pictum Vindobonense, and in Codex Latinus Parisinus.

Romanian traditional clothing can be classified according to seven traditional regions, which can be further subdivided by ethnographic zones, which may range between 40 and 120, depending on the criteria used. Nevertheless all Romanian folk costumes have certain common elements, their main characteristics being the predilection for white, the embroidery in geometric patterns, and elaborate and highly symbolic headdresses.

The clothing worn on workdays and festivals used to be similar, but the festive one was more richly decorated. Men's clothing throughout the regions inhabit by romanians comprises a white shirt or chemise (cămaşă) made from hemp, linen or woollen fabric, white trousers from wool (cioareci) in winter, and in summer from a thinner fabric (nădragi), hat, belt, waistcoat (pieptar) and or overcoat. In most areas shirts are worn outside trousers.

The shirt is tight at the waist with a belt wide of 30-40 cm, from leather, closed with two buckles and endowed with pockets in which were kept money, the penknife, the flint and other personal objects. The outer garments are usually made of sheepskin, or felted woollen fabric, and decorated with leather appliqué and silk embroidery. After WWI, the traditional clothing remained just in the everyday life of older generation, becoming a ceremonial vestment.

About the stamps
On the postcard 3096-1
The stamp is one of the two issued on March 10, 2017 to celebrate Easter, about which I wrote here.

On the postcard 3096-2
The stamp is part of the series Love Nature! Ceahlău National Park, about which I wrote here.

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Sender 3096-1: Ovidiu Bucşe (direct swap)
Sent from Zalău (Sălaj / Romania), on 10.05.2017
Sender 3096-2: Călin Sas (direct swap)
Sent from Sibiu (Sibiu / Romania), on 12.05.2017

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