December 20, 2017

3220 CHRISTMAS (United Kingdom) - Christmas tree

Royal Mail issued Christmas stamps for the first time in 1966, when it ran a competition on BBC's Blue Peter to select the design. Since then, the british postal service do so every year, and in 2016 were used traditional festive images including a snowman, a robin, a lantern, a Christmas tree, a pudding and a stocking. The six stamps issued on November 8, 2016, were crafted by Manchester-based artist Helen Musselwhite, using paper cut-outs, which were then photographed by Jonathan Beer. On this occasion, Royal Mail also issued postcards depicting this stamps.

About the stamps
The first three stamps are part of the definitive series about which I wrote here. The last stamp is part of the series Madonna & Child, issued on November 7, 2017, for Christmas.

Sender: Bobbie / agreentiger (postcrossing) GB-959090
Sent from Banton (Scotland / United Kingdom), on 13.12.2017

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