December 30, 2017

3227 MOLDOVA (Chişinău) - National Theater "Mihai Eminescu" in Chişinău


The National Theater in Chişinău, the first stable theater of Romanian expression in Bessarabia, began its history on October 10, 1920, on the initiative of a group of leaders of local public life. Oficial inaugurated on October 6, 1921, with the play Răsvan şi Vidra by Bogdan-Petriceicu Hasdeu, it suspended its activity in 1935, "for financial reasons." Although it didn't enjoy a long life, its existence was of enormous importance for culture of Bessarabia.

In 1940, after the annexation of Bessarabia to the USSR, Moldovan State Theater of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (from 1954, Moldovan State Academic Musical-Dramatic Theater Alexander Pushkin) was established in Chişinău. In the immediate post-war years, the repertoire was exclusively based on plays translated from Russian, dependent of conservative socialist realism. Only at the end of the 1950's have been reintroduced in repertoire plays from romanian classical dramaturgy, and since the 1960s have been introduced plays by contemporary playwrights.

The name of the national poet Mihai Eminescu was attributed to it in 1988, in full Perestroika, and since July 1994 it is officiated as National Theater (in 1991 the Republic of Moldova became independent). The first attempt to erected the building in which the theater operates was in the early 1930s, in Neoclassical style, but due to economic depression the construction was stopped. In 1949 the project was resumed, and the construction was completed in 1954.

The space composition of the theater is dominated by the cylindrical volume of the theater room, surrounded from three parts by balconies, the spaces of the foyers and the corridors, crowned with a spherical dome, on which was painted a hora, according to the drawings of the painter L.P. Grigorasenco. The façade is monumental, with a central portico consisting of four corinthian columns, flanked by two square pillars, on which rests a triangular gable. The side facades have a symmetrical composition, with six-column central porches, also crowned with triangular gables.

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Teatrul Naţional „Mihai Eminescu” din Chişinău (rom) - Official website

Senders: Mihai Bologan / Veronica Ateş
Sent from Chişinău (Chişinău / Moldova), on 22.12.2017
Photo: Lucian Reniţă / december 2017
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