December 2, 2019

3279 MAURITIUS - Chamarel

Chamarel is a village located in the western hills on the west coast of Mauritius at an elevation of about 260 m, 6 kilometres from the coast, where the cascades are formed on the River du Capano flowing through an "amphitheater of abrupt rocks". It is named after the Frenchman Charles Antoine de Chazal de Chamarel, who lived in the area around 1800. One of the notable places of interest is the Coloured Earths, which is about 4 kilometres to the south west of the willage. It is a phenomenon resulting from colour variations due to cooling of molten rock.

The colour earth phenomenon is located downstream of the water fall on the Black River valley where the land is barren and plain which measures about 2.8-3.2 ha with hardly any vegetation. It gives the appearance of furrows in rows, as colors are observed in horizontal ridges known as "Les Cotes de Melon" (The Melon's Slices). An examination of the ground condition where the colours of different shades, varying from "yellow and yellowish brown to bright red, purple, and coal black" indicates about forty hues.

Another interesting place to see is the Chamarel waterfall on the River du Cap, 1.5 kilometres from the entrance gate of the town. Abseiling from the top of the fall is a water sport that can be organised upon request to some professionals service providers. Abseiling is done from the location where the fall begins and ends at the water pond down below, which is in an oval shape.

About the stamp

The stamp was issued on March 12 2017 to mark The 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius.

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