December 31, 2014

0344, 1387 ROMANIA (Suceava) - The Old and Lonely Apple-tree

Posted on 27.09.2012, and completed on 31.12.2014
The idea behind my collection is to create a meaningful and (possibly) coherent image of each country, which to contain the people (with their legacies, be they material or cultural, and with the things out of their hands), history and the beauty of the places. All are closely related, because on one hand the things that surround people reflects their way of thinking and feeling (individually or/and collectively), and on the other their minds and souls are influenced both by the place where they live and by what their predecessors left behind. That is why this wonderful picture fits quite well in my collection. The photo is impressive in a natural way, and arouses a indefinite, congenital nostalgia, unrelated to a particular place or an lived event. Nostalgia of loss of something you've never had or simply the sadness of being.

On the first photo is written "Copacul meu bătrân şi singur, mărul fără flori din vârful Runcului", that means "My old and lonely tree, the apple tree without flowers from the top of Runcu". Thus I found out that the subject of the photography isn't a some one, found incidentally, this lonely and tormented apple tree from the (presumably hill) Runcu being a very well known and cherished tree by the photographers from Gura Humorului (town near which it's located, in Suceava county). So cherished, that the local photoclub name is even Mărul (The Apple). Very cool. Therefore you will find on the photoclub site (but also on other sites / blogs / facebook pages) many pictures of this real local "celebrity".

For me, the joy is even greater as I received the postcards right from the author of the photography, Marius Vasiliu, member of photoclub Mărul, talented and passionate photographer, but equally passionate collector of postcards. Mulţumesc din suflet, Marius.

About the stamps
On the first postcard
The stamp, depicting Common Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis L.), is part of the first series Flora of Romania - Fauna flowers (I), about which I wrote here.

On the second postcard
The stamp is part of the series The Sail Training Ship "Mircea" - 75 Years,about which I wrote here.

Sender 1, 2: Marius Vasiliu (direct swap)
1: Sent from Gura Humorului (Suceava / Romania), on 19.09.2012
2: Sent from Fălticeni (Suceava / Romania), on 23.12.2014
Photos: Marius Vasiliu