December 20, 2014

1366 UKRAINE (City of Kiev) - A farmstead in Museum of Folk Architecture and Life from Pirogovo

One of the most interesting landmarks of Kiev is the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, located in Pyrohiv (Pirogov), originally a village, now a neighborhood in the southern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital city. Its construction began in 1971 on a 150-ha site in a forest and park zone, and when completed, it will be the largest such museum in the world. By the summer of 1976 the first part had been opened to visitors.

By 1985 the museum included 250 buildings and about 50,000 artifacts, such as costumes, woven products, implements, ceramics and wooden objects, and over 700 folk musical instruments. The museum site is divided into seven zones that correspond to the architectural-ethnographic regions of Ukraine at the beginning of the 20th century: the Middle-Dnieper River region, the Poltava region, Slobidska Ukraine, Polisia, Podolia, the Carpathian Mountains region, and southern Ukraine. In each zone a typical village was reconstructed.

In the postcard is a farmstead from the village of Yaryshiv in Podolia (late 19th century - early 20th century). First mentioned in writing in 1569, the village Jaryszów was until 1793 in the province Braclaw as part of the Polish-Lithuanian nobility Republic, then it came to the Russian Empire, since 1991 being part of the independent Ukraine (Vinnytsia Oblast), under the name Yaryshiv. It lies on the Ljadowa, a 93 km long left tributary of the Dniester, near the border with Republic of Moldova. The houses from the image were built of brick raw or stone, but also of a mixture of clay and loam with wheat straw, and have thatched roofs.

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