May 4, 2013

0628 NETHERLANDS (Netherlands / North Holland) - The stolen bikes in Amsterdam

This postcard is one of the unusual that I've received so far regarding the subject. Besides canals, architecture, museums and liberal atmosphere, Amsterdam is also known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. The earliest well-known community bicycle programme, so-called White Bicycle Plan, was started in 1965 in this city. Now, bike racks are ubiquitous, because 60% of all journeys in the inner city are made by bicycle. On the other hand, each year about 100,000 bicycle (between the existing 100,000,000) are stolen and 25,000 of them end up in the canals, which therefore must be constantly cleaned. It's what do the people from the image.

About the stamps
The first stamp is a surplus stamp with the face value of 2 Eurocent, issued on January 28, 2002.

The second was issued in 2008 with the occasion of the anniversary of 100 Years NBFV (dutch philatelic associations).

About the third stamp I don't know anything.

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Transport in Amsterdam - Wikipedia
Cycling in Amsterdam - Wikipedia

sender: Wilma van Vegten (direct swap)
sent from Leiden (South Holland / Netherlands), on 12.04.2013


  1. I adore this post. I LOVE the postcard--especially the comments on the back!!! This just made my day. lol

    Have a wonderful day (what's left of it) and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

    1. I'm glad you like it. As I said previously, if you want to swap postcards with me, please send me an e-mail or a pm on facebook.

  2. This is an odd subject to have on a postcard!
    But, I bet it is a common sight.