May 7, 2013

0632 MOROCCO (Souss-Massa-Drâa) - The Ichbakan village

Located on the High Atlas Mountains, at 2,100m altitude, after the impresive gorge of Tessaout River (actually an oued), which allowed the deposit of fertile silt washed from the mountains, Ichbakan is a Berber village composed by two distinct agglomerations, placed at 500m from each other, each perched on its peak around a tighermt, a fortified granary which was in the past the defensive core of the inhabitants. Between the two agglomerations are walnuts and grain fields. In summer, the herds are on the heights, apart from a few cows which returning to the barn in the evening. Ait Affans, who inhabit this mountainous enclave, are among the most isolated populations of the Atlas. In the winter, six months a year, Tessaout, swollen by snowmelt, cut the communications with the outside world.

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