June 7, 2013

0671 RUSSIA (Moscow) - Spasskaya Tower - part of Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow (UNESCO WHS)

The Spasskaya Tower is the main tower with a through-passage on the eastern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Red Square. It was built in 1491 under the supervision of the architect Pietro Antonio Solari (Pyotr Fryazin), and was initial named Frolovskaya, later being renamed the Spasskaya (Savior's), in honor of the Icon of the Savoir Not Made by Hands, which crowned the gateway. Originally it had half of its present height (71m with the star mounted in 1935), in 1624-1625 being built a multi-tiered top with a stone tent roof.

It was the first one to be crowned with the hipped roof in 1624-1625 by architects Bazhen Ogurtsov and Christopher Galloway (a Scottish architect and clockmaker). The first clock was mounted in 1491, and the present Kremlin chimes were installed in 1851-1852 by the Butenop brothers. The tower gate was once the main entrance into the Kremlin. In tsarist times, anyone passing through the gates had to remove their headgear and dismount their horses. This tradition was broken in the Soviet era. In 1935, the Soviet government installed a red star instead of a two-headed eagle on top of the tower.

Spasskaya Tower is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site The Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow, about which I wrote here.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of a series about animals and their babies, issued on 2006 and containing five stamps:
Ross's Gull / Rhodostethia rosea (3 RUB)
Siberian Crane / Grus leucogeranus (4 RUB)
Polar bear / Ursus maritimus (5 RUB)
Horse /  Equus caballus (6 RUB)
Reindeer / Rangifer tarandus (7 RUB) - It's on the postcard 0671

The second stamp, issued on February 2, 2012, is dedicated to P.N. Nesterov (1887-1914), legendary Russian military pilot, hero of WWI and founder of aerobatics. The stamp features a portrait of Nesterov and an airplane Moran-K.

Spasskaya Tower - Wikipedia

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