January 8, 2018

3238 LATVIA - Riga

With 639,630 inhabitants (2016), Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states, home to one third of Latvia's population and one tenth of the Baltic states' population. The city lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the Daugava. About the Historic Centre of Riga, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I writed something here. On the postcard are depicted the silhouettes of the main sights of the city, among which are (from left to the right): Freedom Monument, House of the Blackheads, St. Peter's Church, Riga Castle, Riga Dom, Latvian National Opera, the Railway Bridge and Riga Radio and TV Tower.

About the stamps
The stamp is part of the series Flowers, about which I wrote here.

The second stamp, designed by Ludis Danilāns, was issued on September 18, 2016 to mark The 25th Anniversary of Latvian Membership of the United Nations.

Sender: Kate / mitsunari (postcrossing) LV-284989
Sent from Riga (Latvia), on 15.12.2017 

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