January 23, 2018

3250 FRANCE (Brittany) - A traditional breton farm

The rural architecture of France has a rich variety, because the farms are the expression of the coexistence of several agrarian civilisation, of the variety of natural environments and of types of farming. In Brittany, specific are the long, low, compact houses, with transverse elements. The house and the farm buildings such as stables and sheds, are built in a row under the same roof in the case of small farms, and under roofs of different  of heights in the case of large farms; the house thus consists of juxtaposed units.

About the stamp

The stamp is part of the series Circus Arts, designed by Séverin Millet, and issued on September 30, 2017
• aerial hoop
• trained elephant
• conjuror
• white clown
• wild trainer
• equilibrist
• human pyramid - It's on the postcard 3250
• clown Auguste
• Mr. Loyal
• unicycle
• equestrian acrobatics
• webbing

Instant encyclopaedia of geography, Volume 3, by Shatrughna Prasad Sinha

Sender: Jean Yves Gerlat
Sent from Villard-Bonnot (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / France), on 28.12.2017

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