January 1, 2014

0933 NEW YEAR (Russia) - Russian dancer

This wonderful work of Lia Selina, a digital artist and illustrator from Russia, isn't really a New Year postcard, but could be one. It depict a girl dressed in a traditional russian costume, with a sarafan long to the ankles, a shirt with large sleeves, tight to wrists, and a richly decorated kokoshnik.

About the stamps
The first two stamps, depicting a fox, but also the last one, depicting a rabbit, are part of a definitives series, about which I wrote here.

The third and the fourth are part of a series depicting coat of arms of russian cities. The series comprise many stamps issued over the years, but I found only  the following:
01.12.2010 Coat of arms of Vladivostok (7.70 RUB)
01.12.2010 Coat of arms of Yaroslavl (10.50 RUB)
2011 Coat of arms of Irkutsk (8.50 RUB) - it's on other postcard
18.06.2013 Coat of arms of Alexandrov (10.00 RUB) - it's on the postcard
18.06.2013 Coat of arms of Kazan (14.25 RUB)

sender: Sofya / S_o_f_y_a (postcrossing)
sent from Verkhovye (Oryol Oblast / Russia), on 20.12.2013
illustrator: Lia Selina

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