January 7, 2014

0948 MAURITIUS - Wild and free

Not long ago I was the lucky winner of a lottery, and this wonderful postcard is the prize. A reason for joy, of course, to which is added the fact that it is a limited edition, that comes from Mauritius and, not least, that was made and sent by my pals Samuel and Vivi, whose works you can find here. It is however, also a cause for nostalgia, because I was (once upon a time) wild and free, like this bird, and now I became domestic and constraint, like a turkey. So it goes.

Changing the registry to dried information, if I'm not mistaken the bird in the picture is a Rodrigues Fody (Foudia flavicans), a rare species of bird in the weaver family, endemic to Rodrigues, an island of Mauritius, and classified by BirdLife International as being vulnerable.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Law Day in Mauritius, designed by Nitish Peechen, and issued on April 4, 2012:
• Grand Port District Court (7 MUR) - it's on the postcard
• Interior of a Court of Justice (8 MUR)
• Sir Michel Rivalland (1910-1967) (15 MUR)
• The Gavel (20 MUR)

The second stamp is part of the series Bicentenary of Mauritius Turf Club (1812 - 2012), designed also by Nitish Peechen and issued on June 25, 2012:
• Horse Racing (7 MUR)
• View of the Race Track, the Champ de Mars  (10 MUR) - it's on the postcard
• Grandstand (1917)  (14 MUR)
• The Mauritius Turf Club Insignia  (21 MUR)

sender: Samuel Banbosse (lottery)
sent from Rivière-du-Rempart (Mauritius), on 26.12.2013
photo: Samuel Banbosse

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