January 16, 2014

0970 BELARUS (Minsk City) - Trinity Suburb

Located on left bank of the Svisloch River, on the Trinity Hill, Minsk’s old town, more commonly known as Troitskoe Predmestye (Trinity Suburb) after the former Trinity Church that once stood in the area, is a slight misnomer in that it dates from just three decades ago. Built between 1982 and 1985 on the site of a former settlement dating from the 12th century, Trinity offer a break from the sprawling concrete and the Stalinist architecture of the city's centre, rebuilt (not restored) after WWII, when Minsk was destroyed in proportion of 80%. The birthplace of the Belarusian poet and journalist Maxim Bogdanovich, the area boasts a number of decent restaurants and bars, making it worth having a look round. In the postcard is also the monument of the sculptor, folklorist, archeologist, and architect Jazep Drozdovich (1888-1954), placed in 1993 at the edge of Trinity (Bogdanovich street), right opposite to the female school where worked Drozdovich . The author is Igor Golubev.

About the stamp
The stamp is one of the two issued on January 27, 2012, which are part of the series Belarusian ornament, about which I wrote here.

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