December 20, 2014

1172, 1365 SWEDEN - Swedish Royal Family

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The current royal house of Sweden is the House of Bernadotte, which has reigned since 1818, and between 1818 and 1905 was also the royal house of Norway. Its founder, Charles XIV John of Sweden (r. 1818-1844), was adopted by Charles XIII of Sweden (r. 1809-818), the last member of the House of Holstein-Gottorp. In the first postcard are several members of the Swedish royal family. In the middle are King Carl XVI Gustaf (full name: Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus, born 30 April 1946), and his spouse, Queen Silvia of Sweden (née Silvia Renate Sommerlath; born 23 December 1943).

On 15 September 1973, Carl Gustaf succeeded his grandfather Gustaf VI Adolf. He is the only son of Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten, and Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. In 2011, Silvia (the daughter of Walther Sommerlath and his Brazilian wife Alice, née Soares de Toledo) became the longest serving queen consort of Sweden, a record previously held by Sophia of Nassau. In the left of the royal couple is Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland (Carl Philip Edmund Bertil; born 13 May 1979), the only son of the King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

On 27 June 2014, it was announced that Carl Philip is engaged with model Sofia Hellqvist, they planning to marry in the summer of 2015. In his left is his elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland (Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée; born 14 July 1977). She is the King's heir according to the new law establishing absolute primogeniture, adopted on 1 January 1980. In her left is her husband, Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland (né Olof Daniel Westling; born 15 September 1973).

The couple have only one child, Princess Estelle of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland (Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary; born 23 February 2012). In the right of the royal couple is Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland (Madeleine Thérèse Amelie Josephine; born 10 June 1982), the youngest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. In her right is her husband, Christopher Paul O'Neill (born 27 June 1974), a British-American businessman. The couple lives and works in New York, and have only one child, Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland (Leonore Lilian Maria; born 20 February 2014).

National Day of Sweden is a national holiday observed in Sweden on the 6th of June every year. Prior to 1983, the day was celebrated as Swedish Flag Day. The tradition of celebrating this date began in 1916 at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in honour of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden; and on the same date in 1809, Sweden adopted a new constitution that included the establishment of civil rights and liberties. In 2005 it became an official Swedish public holiday, replacing Whit Monday.

In 1983, on the same day a Swedish National Costume was introduced, modelled by Queen Silvia. Actually in existence since the 1900's, the costume was not accepted as National Costume until then. The Common Swedish National Costume (den Allmänna Svenska Nationaldräkten) was created in Falun, in 1903, by Märta Jörgensen of the Women’s National Costume Society, in cooperation with the artists Gustav Ankarcrona, Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. Crown Princess Victoria had introduced the custom of wearing traditional costumes at Tullgarn Palace, thus the entire female staff wore the Tullgarn Costume, which was inspired by the Österåker Costume.

For ladies, the complete costume comprises a bodice, a skirt, a blouse and an apron, all made of cotton with hand-woven ribbons, a brooch and a pewter buckle. The apron and the bodice are hand-embroidered with marguerites (yellow faced white daisies also known ox-eyed daisies). In the second postcard are King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia in a carriage. Behind can be seen a member of the Royal Guards (Högvakten), in traditional light blue uniform, and with silver helmet.

About the stamp
On the postcard 1172
The stamp, depicting Baltic Hawker and issued on June 23, 2014, is actually a reissue,  in a new color and with a new denomination (SEK 14) of a stamp belonging to a series with insects, issued on January 10, 2013, about which I wrote here.

On the postcard 1365
About this stamp, depicting Queen Silvia, I wrote here.

Folkdräkt - Forever Swedish
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Sender 1172: Ona Frantz and Michael Haulică
Sent from Stockholm (Stockholm / Sweden), on 21.07.2014
Photo: Jonas Ekstromer
Sender 1365: Ona Frantz and Michael Haulică
Sent from Stockholm (Stockholm / Sweden), on 15.07.2013
Photo: Henrik Nordstrom

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