January 4, 2015

1402 ZIMBABWE - Wooden Carvings

Zimbabwe is an ethnically diverse country, but the Shona, the Bantu people considered the oldest in the region (are believed to be the legendary guardians of King Solomon's mines) holds an overwhelming majority of 70%. They are known as skilful and creative sculptors, Zimbabwe being considered the center for stone sculpture in Africa. Besides stone, they also use wood, mainly Ebony, African Teak, and Mukwa. The sculptures depicted in the postcard seem to be made of Mukwa, which is only found in Tanzania, ZambiaMozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. It has variable colors such as a pale uniform brown, chocolate brown, brick red or purplish brown and golden brown. The two men depicted in sculptures wear sumptuous headdresses and play drums, probably a ngoma (the one supported on earth), and a calabash (the one hemispherical).

About the stamp
The stamps depicted the map of the country and was issued in 2014.

Shona Sculptures - Caroun Art & Cultural Centre

Sender: Nkosinathi Mojo
Sent from ??? (Zimbabwe), on ??.11.2014
Photo: D. Allen

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