January 29, 2015

1424 NICARAGUA (León) - Church of La Recolección in León

Located along the Río Chiquito, at about 90km northwest of Managua, and at 18km east of the Pacific Ocean coast, León was founded by the Spaniards as León Santiago de los Caballeros, and has long been the political and intellectual center of the nation. It is rich in monuments and historical places and among these is Church of la Recolección, located at the so called Bank Street (Calle de los Bancos); a busy street housing several banks. Covered in a dark and well-worn yellow, its Mexican baroque façade is considered one of the most important in the city. Built in 1786, by Bishop Juan Félix de Villegas thanks to contributions made by parishioners, it has three naves, and the altars are in neoclassical style. Almost a century later, in 1880, another building was constructed next to the church: the Recolección school.

About the stamps
The first stamp, depicting Psygmorchis pusilla, is part of a series of orchids issued in 1991. The last two stamps are parte of a series dedicated to the national soccer team of Nicaraguan which participated to the FIFA World Cup USA 1994.

La Recolección Church - Vianica.com

Sender: Jose
Sent from León (León / Nicaragua), on 29.11.2014
Photo: Jorge Sebesta

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  1. Wow, very nice card! I guess it was hard to get the card from Nicaragua :)
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