June 12, 2015

1656 POLAND (Mazovia) - Church of the Holy Spirit in Warsaw

Warsaw's New Town is a neighbourhood dating from the 15th century, lying just north of the Old Town and connected to it by Freta Street, which begins at the Barbican. Like the Old Town, the New Town was destroyed by the Nazis during WWII and rebuilt after the war. The historic district of the New Town was formed at the turn of the 14th century as an independent city, with its own vogt, council and a town hall. Now, Freta is a busy street with lots of pedestrians and many good but not so expensive restaurants and pubs. In one of the houses on the right hand side, Marie Curie was born at the end of 19th century.

Founded by Janusz the Elder, Duke of Warsaw, and handed over to the city in 1388, the Church of the Holy Spirit was originally built in Gothic style from wood alongside a hospital. The councillors and citizens of Warsaw wanted a new hospital and it was set up for this purpose supposedly by Mikołaj Panczatka, one of the group, who gave the church some of his land. From 1425 it was a hostel for the poor and in 1473 a chapel, temporary accommodation for guests or pilgrims, and a monastery were added. In 1699 the foundation stone was laid for the new church, which was built from 1707 to 1717 in Baroque style by Józef Piola and Józef Szymon Bellotti.

Construction continued all the way until 1746, when the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Częstochowa was built. In January 1807 the army of Napoléon used the monastery as barracks. After the war, the Tsarist administration ordered the priests to be removed to Częstochowa and that the church was to be administered by the German Brotherhood of St. Benno. In 1825 the monastery opened the main seminary as a theological faculty and later was transferred to the Franciscans. In 1944 the church was almost totally destroyed by the Germans. In 1947, the church returned to the administration of the Pauline order and the church was rebuilt in 1956 in the same form as it was before the war.

About Warsaw as a whole, but also about others landmarks of the city, you can read in another post, here.

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