June 16, 2015

1672 MEXICO (Oaxaca) - Tehuanas

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec represents the shortest distance between the the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, and prior to the opening of the Panama Canal, it was a major shipping route known simply as the Tehuantepec Route. The name is taken from the town of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec; this was derived from the Nahuatl term tecuani-tepec ("jaguar hill"). The population of the region is composed almost wholly of indigenous Zapotec peoples. The women are the traders in Tehuantepec and do little menial work. Known as "Tehuanas", these women are known throughout Mexico for their colorful dresses, assertive personalities, and relatively equal relations with men, leading some to characterize them as "matriarchal". The underskirt is lace while the skirt and bodice are embroidered black velvet. Coins form part of their sumptuous gold jewelry.  

About the stamps
The stamps are part of the series México creación popular (Folk Art Mexico), about which I wrote here.

Isthmus of Tehuantepec - Wikipedia

Sender: Ivinha
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Photo: B. Altamirano

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