June 26, 2015

1693 VANUATU (Mele Island) - The Underwater Post Office

"Vanuatu Post has created an official Post Office with a difference. It is the world’s only Underwater Post Office.. Situated within the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary, the Post Office sits in around three metres of water and both divers and snorkellers are able to post special 'waterproof postcards'. If snorkellers cannot duck-dive down that far, Hideaway Island staff will be on the spot to help out. During opening hours the cards will be cancelled/embossed by the postal staff in the Underwater Post Office. Instead of being stamped with ink to show that the card has been sent, the Post office has developed a new embossed cancellation device."

Mele Island (also known by tourists as Hideaway Island) is an islet located in the bay with the same name of the Efate, the third largest island of Vanuatu. The island is owned by the local Mele villagers, but is leased to the owners of Hideaway Island Resort. The island is accessed by a boat service from nearby Port Vila (the capital and largest city of Vanuatu) and offers accommodation and watersports to visitors. Surrounded by clear turquoise water, coral reefs and thousands of fish, this Melanesian style resort is the custodian of one of Vanuatu’s only marine sanctuaries. Coral reefs ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving right from the shore are home to thousands of ‘tame’ fish.

About the stamp
The stamp, depicting Clark's anemonefish, is part of a serie of fishes, issued on November 24, 2004.

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Sender: Vanuatu Underwater Post Office
Sent from Underwater Post Office (Hideaway Island / Vanuatu), on ??.??.2014
Photo: Andy Belcher

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