June 10, 2015

1645 RUSSIA (Republic of Karelia) - Saint Peter's Church in Martsialnye Vody

Located at 50km away from Petrozavodsk, the capital of Republic of Karelia, Martsialnye Vody (The Waters of Mars) is the oldest spa in Russia, founded by Peter the Great in 1714 and visited by the Tsar on four occasions. It was named in honor of Mars, the god of war and iron, because the water has a lot of iron in composition. The delightful natural setting and striking landscape seem to have been made for a spa. Summers are moderately warm (mean July temperature, 16°C) and winters moderately cold (mean January temperature, from -9° to -12°C). Although Peter's palace hasn't survived, since 1946 there is a museum devoted to the spa's history. One of the most impressive monuments still standing is the Saint Peter's Church, built in 1721, which remembers the days of Peter the Great.

About the stamps
The first stamp, depicting Rostov Kremlin, is part of a series dedicated to Russian Kremlins, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of a series depicting the mascots of XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014, about which I wrote here.

Martsialnye Vody, the oldest Spa in Russia - Karelia Tourist Portal
Petrozavodsk - Wikipedia

Sender: Max Maksimov (direct swap)
Sent from Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia / Russia), on 03.03.2014
Photo: M.S. Skrylkyna

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