December 18, 2016

2154, 2908 SPAIN (Balearic Islands) - The Cathedral of Santa María of Palma de Mallorca

2154 The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (1)

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The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, known as La Seu (a title also used by many other churches), is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral located in Palma, Majorca. Built on the site of a Moorish-era mosque, it is 121m long, 55m wide and its nave is 44m tall (with only 4m lower than the one of Saint-Pierre de Beauvais, the highest of all Gothic cathedrals). Designed in the Catalan Gothic style but with Northern European influences, it was begun by King James I of Aragon in 1229 (to honour a vow he made to the Virgin Mary after surviving a terrible storm), but only finished in 1601.

2908 The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (2)

It sits within the old city of Palma atop the former citadel of the Roman city, between the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and the episcopal palace. It houses the majestic Royal Chapel, and the tombs of James II of Majorca (1243-1311) and James III of Majorca (1315-1349), the last ruler of independent Majorca. The main façade, that fell off during the earthquake in 1851, was completely reconstructed in Neo-Gothic style by Joan Bautista Peyronnet.  In 1901, fifty years after a restoration of the cathedral had started, Antoni Gaudí was invited to take over the project, but he abandoned his work in 1914 after an argument with the contractor.

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The first stamp was issued on October 23, 2015, to mark the 70th Anniversary of the UN and the 60th Anniversary of Spain's joining the organisation.

The second stamp was issued on May 7, 2013, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Baskonia Sports Club.

On the postcard 2908
About the cross-shaped self-adhesives stamps I wrote here.

The last stamp is part of the series Christmas - Traditions Live On in the City, designed by Klaus Welp and issued on November 6, 2015.
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