December 17, 2016

2796, 2906 UKRAINE - Traditional costume of Ukraine (2)


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Generally, in Ukraine are recognized six ethnographic regions: Polesia, Carpathian region, Podolia, Middle Dnieper (the Ukrainian heartland), Slobidska, and the Southern or Steppe region. It must be noted that between this ethnographic regions there are no clear boundaries, so this division is rather arbitrary. From one region to another, but also within regions, particularly in the areas of contact with other peoples, traditional costumes differ substantially, but have also some common features. The costume considered Ukrainian traditional has many elements from the Middle Dnieper region.


For men, traditional dress includes shirts of differing cut (Chumachka, Strilkova), Kozhukh (a sheepskin coat for winter), Kontusz, (a long robe, usually reaching to below the knees, with a set of decorative buttons down the front, and long and loose sleeves) Żupan (a long garment, always lined) and Sharovary (pants free to hips, often with assembly at the waist, collected at the bottom near the ankles). As footwear are common, in both women and men, the boots made of red or yellow leather.

For women, traditional dress includes Plakhta (a wraparound skirt), Vyshyvanka (an embroidered shirt) or Kersetka (bodice), Kozhushanka (a sheepskin coat), Ochipok (a headdress that covered the entire head with a slit in the back and laces that pull it tightly around the head) or Namitka (a long, thin fabric wrapped around the head and tied in the back) for married women, and Vinok (a flower wreath) for unmarried girls. Garments are made using elaborate structural design, complicated weaving techniques, extensive embroidery, and cutwork needlework.

In Polesia, in general, women bear an embroidered blouse with a predominance of red, a colorful woven skirt (Spidnytsia, Litnyk, Andarak), and a white headband (Namitka); men wore a shirt outside the trousers, a white or gray coat (Svyta), and a high felt hat (Iolomok) or gray woolen cap (Maherka). In Carpathian region the clothes are very different, due to the ethnic diversity (it is divided in five subregions: Pokuttya, Bukovina, the Hutsul region, the Boyko region, and the Lemko region).

In Podolia, women bear a multicolored embroidered blouse, a rectangular, woven wraparound skirt (Horbatka), and a coat of dark woolen cloth; men wore a mantle (Manta-hunka), coat (Svytka), short woolen overcoat (Opancha), and sheepskin coat (Kozhukh). The extensive use of linen in men's and women's outerwear (Polotnianka, Kabat, Leibyk) is distinctive of the central Galicia and Volhynia. Women wore corsets and complex, turbanlike head wraps.

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The first stamp is part of a large definitive stamps series about leaf and fruits, about which I wrote here. The second was issued on April 30, 2013 to celebrate the Easter.

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The stamp is part of a large definitive stamps series about leaf and fruits, about which I wrote here.

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