March 2, 2017

2969 FRANCE (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) - Spiritual Center of Saint-Hugues in Biviers

2969 Biviers - Le Repos de Biviers in 1950s (the dining room )

Biviers is a commune located 10km northeast of Grenoble, at the foot of Mount Saint-Eynard, on a limestone scree located on the east side of the Chartreuse Mountains. Towards the southwest, Biviers faces the Belledonne range, in the Grésivaudan section of the Isère River valley. In Biviers is located Center Saint Hugues, "a house in the mountain where it is good to regain strength and meaning in God".

In 1634, the estate belonged to the Bouvier-Raynaud family and was included in the list of "noble funds" of the commune. In 1860, the estate becomes a collective residence: convent of contemplative Dominicans. In 1920, the property was purchased by Solange Merceron-Vicat, who, impelled by the working conditions in the factories of the region, transformed the building into a rest house (Le Repos de Biviers), which will soon have the status of preventorium.

After the death of Merceron-Vicat, his brother Henri administered the house for some time, but the end of the tuberculosis forced him to close the establishment. In 1963, "le repos" was bought by the Jesuits, who accomplished major enlargements (chapel, amphitheater, hotel) and thus create the Spiritual Center of Saint-Hugues, where they will organize, for thirty years, multiple sessions and spiritual meetings. In 1993 the management was entrusted to the laity, the Community of Christian Life-CVX who also draw inspiration from Ignatian spirituality.

About the stamps

The stamps are part of the series The 12 Chinese Astrological Signs, designed by Zhongyao Li and issued on January 30, 2017.
• Year of the Rat
• Year of the Buffalo
• Year of the Tiger
• Year of the Rabbit - It's on the postcard 2969
• Year of the Dragon
• Year of the Snake
• Year of the Horse
• Year of the Goat
• Year of the Monkey
• Year of the Rooster - It's on the postcard 2969
• Year of the Dog
• Year of the Pig

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