March 18, 2017

2987 GERMANY (Bavaria) - Catholic Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bad Koetzting

Located in the Bavarian Forest, near the Czech border, Bad Kötzting (before 2005: Kötzting) has the charming character of a small town. The locals pride themselves with having one of the largest mounted religious processions in the world, the Kötztinger Pfingstritt. The Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the center of a fortification with an outer wall, a trench and an inner fastening ring. First mentioned in 1179, it was expanded in 1737-1738, and the chancel and the tower were rebuilt in 1766-1769. The interiors are Baroque, with the high altar from 1771 and the pulpit from 1730. Only three ceiling frescoes have been preserved from the original five ceiling frescoes and were painted in 1930 by Josef Wittmann.

About the stamp
The stamp is one of the two of the series Moselle River, about which I wrote here.

Bad Koetzting (de) - Wikipedia

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