March 20, 2017

2990 GERMANY (Rhineland-Palatinate) - Hambach Castle

Located on the mountain Schlossberg (literally Castle mountain; elevation: 325m) in the eastern outskirts of the Palatine Forest, near the urban district Hambach of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Hambach Castle ruled both as a protection castle and as a robber baron castle over the trade roads and the northern route of the Anterior Palatinate section of the Way of St. James. In late Carolingian Dynasty times and Ottonian dynasty times a castle of refuge was built there. Probably in the first half of the 11th century, a new castle was built inside the former estate.

Especially during the 13th century, larger building projects took place. Nikolaus I was consecrated as Bishop of Speyer in the castle chapel in 1388. More construction was done at the end of the 14th century and in the second half of the 15th century by the bishops Nikolaus I and Matthias I. The castle was the home for the Episcopalian document archive at the end of the 14th century. During the German Peasants' War in 1525 it was occupied and looted, but not destroyed, and in 1552 it was conquered and burned down. During War of the Palatinian Succession in 1688, French soldiers destroyed the erstwhile abandoned castle.

From 27 May to 30 May 1832 took place the Hambacher Fest, one of the main public demonstrations in support of German unity, freedom and democracy during the Vormärz era. The then ruined castle was the focal point of the discontent of the Palatinate people over the repressive measures of the Bavarian administration which had been in office since 1816. Since the, the castle has been considered as the cradle of German democracy. Before the 150th anniversary of the fest in 1982 the castle was completely restored.

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The first stamp, depicting Baltic Sea, is part of the series Wild Germany, about which I wrote here. The last stamp is part of the series Blumen, about which I wrote here.

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