October 26, 2013

0649 & 0849 CROATIA (Šibenik-Knin) - The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik (UNESCO WHS)

Posted on 17.05.2013 and completed on 26.10.2013
Šibenik, located on the Dalmatian coast, distinguishes from the majority of the settlements situated along the Adriatic coast (established by Greeks, Illyrians or Romans) through the fact that it was founded by Croats, in the 10th century. Disputed and successive mastered by the Republic of Venice, Byzantine Empire, Kingdom of Hungary and Kingdom of Bosnia, it reached in the end, in 1420, under the control of the Venetian, situation that will be maintained until 1797, when became part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after the compromise of 1867). After WWII, despite the claims of Italy, Šibenik became a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (subsequent Yugoslavia).

The most important building in the town is Cathedral of St. James (Katedrala sv. Jakova), also the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in Croatia. Built entirely of limestone from a nearby stone quarry and marble from the island of Brač by local and Italian masters, it is considered "a unique and outstanding building in which Gothic and Renaissance forms have been successfully blended", in which are mixed the influences of three culturally different regions (Northern Italy, Dalmatia, and Tuscany).

The building of the church was initiated in 1402, but the work to transform the Romanesque cathedral began in 1431 and was completed in 1555. Apart from its status as a marvel of construction, it is also a hugely entertaining as a gallery of late-Medieval and early-Renaissance sculpture. The north portal (The Lion Gate) is framed by the statues of Adam and Eve standing on two lions, but much more refined in style are the sculptures and reliefs around the outside of the apse, 71 stone heads, which appear to pop out of the wall just above human height. In 2000, the Cathedral of St James in Šibenik was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

About the stamps
On the first postcard
The first stamp is part of the annual series named Famous Croats, which in 2012 reached to the 14th set. This set, issued on April 19, 2012, contain three stamps, all with the same face value (1,6 HRK):
Juraj Dobrila (1812-1882) - Catholic bishop and benefactor
Vesna Parun (1922-2010) - poet - it's on this postcard
Dragojla Jarnević (1813-1875) - poet and teacher

The second postcard, designed by Tomislav Vlainićwas, was issued on November 15, 2012 for Christmas.

On the second postcard
The stamps is part of the series Croatian Ethnographic Heritage, about which I wrote here.

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sender 1: Vladimir Klešćic (direct swap)
sent from Samobor (Zagreb County / Croatia), on 25.02.2013
photo: I. Pervan
sender 2: Mircea Ostoia
sent from Šibenik (Šibenik-Knin / Croatia), on 13.10.2013

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