October 29, 2013

0853 International Postcard Week

A few days ago I received from Brenda Perez (the owner of the wonderful blog 9teen87spostcards) this collectible postcard, edited (in only 250 copies) for the first ever International Postcard Week celebration. It was between 5 and 11 October, on October 9th being celebrated World Post Day. A wonderful initiative, about which you can find details here.

About the stamp, a Global Forever First-Class Mail International one (1.10 USD), I wrote here.

sender: Brenda Perez (9teen87spostcards)
sent from Palm City (Florida / United States), on 07.10.2013


  1. I'm very happy you like it :D I received many great postcards during International Postcard Week. I hope more people join us for the swap next year.

    1. I like to contribute, even little, to promote this hobby, pleasant, helpful and educational. :)