October 18, 2013

0845 VENEZUELA (Nueva Esparta) - The fortress La Galera, in Juan Griego

Juan Griego, the most northern port in Venezuela, located on the northern side of Margarita Island, in the Caribbean Sea, was named after Juan the Greek, a navigator born in Seville in the early 16th century, who developed a prosperous business of transporting captive Indians from the island to Santo Domingo. The city began to receive importance in 1811, during the Venezuelan War of Independence, and in 1816 it was used by Simon Bolivar for returning from Haiti. In 1904, the government moved the capital of the island from Juan Griego to Pampatar, but nevertheless the cultural activities continued to bloom in the city.

Set in the bay just north of the city, next to Playa La Galera, the fortress with the same name was built in 1811 and was called Libertad (Freedom) due to the fight for the independence which took place here on the 8th of August 1817. The fortress was rebuilt in 1917 after Batalla del Fuerte, and also in 1954 with a new tower on the top. The lower parts of the fortress has not been modified after 1811.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of a series of ten dedicated to the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, issued on April 12, 2013.

Juan Griego - Wikipedia

sender: Eliezer Saul Briceno (direct swap)
sent from Margarita (Nueva Esparta / Venezuela), on 02.06.2013
photo: Christian Mondin 

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