July 8, 2013

0726 FINLAND (Uusimaa) - Finnish National Opera House

Regular opera performances began in Finland in 1873 with the founding of the Finnish Opera by Kaarlo Bergbom, but they have ceased in 1879 due to a financial crisis. In 1911 a group of notable social and cultural figures founded the Domestic Opera, which was renamed the Finnish Opera in 1914, and acquired its present name in 1956. Between 1918 and 1993 the home of the opera was the Alexander Theater, the first dedicated opera house being completed and inaugurated only in 1993.

Opera House is placed on Töölönlahti bay in Töölö, and was designed by Hyvämäki-Karhunen-Parkkinen architects (1977). The elevations are finished in ceramic tile, render and natural stone, while the public spaces inside combine the lucidity of Carrara marble with the glow of red beech. The great glass wall of the main foyer opens out towards Töölönlahti bay and Hesperia Park. Almost all of the furniture and lighting fixtures were custom-designed for the Opera House. It features state-of-the-art technology and two auditoriums: the main auditorium with 1,350 seats and a smaller studio auditorium with 300 to 500 seats.

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