July 17, 2013

0749 MOROCCO - Traditional clothes and musical instruments

Even if the 99.1% of the Moroccans have an Arab and / or Berber ethnic background (therefore the population has a high degree of homogeneity), the Moroccan folklore is very rich and diverse, and I dare to say that music and dance are keystones of Moroccan traditional culture. If I should choose a single Moroccan folk performance at that I could attend, one and only one, I would choose, without doubt, the dance, because it provides many elements of this culture: the dance itself, but also the music and musical instruments, as well as dancers and musicians costumes.

Regarding the clothes, in this postcard the men wear the djellabas, a long, loose-fitting robe with full sleeves and a baggy hood called qob, that comes to a point at the back. The soft yellow slippers (balgha or babouche) confirms us that it's a celebration. On the heads they have, of course, turbans. In Morocco are used a lots of specific musical instruments, but in this postcard appear only percussion instruments, essential in Berber music: bendirs (a frame drum with a single face, without jingles), tabls (a large double-headed drum that is played with sticks) and riqs (a type of tambourine). About the women's robes I can't say too many, because are indeed brightly colored, reaching to the ankles, with long sleeves, but aren't neither djellabas, nor kaftan, nor takchita.

About the stamp, dedicated to Solidarity Week, I wrote here.

sender: Hanane (direct swap)
sent from Taroudant (Morocco), on 23.11.2012

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