July 10, 2013

0729 CZECH REPUBLIC (South Moravia) - Church of Saint Thomas in Brno

The Church of Saint Thomas and the Annunciation (Kostel sv. Tomáše Apoštola a Zvěstování P. Marie), situated in Moravian Square (Moravské náměstí) in Brno, was founded in the middle of 14th century by John Henry of Luxembourg, Margrave of Moravia, originally as part of an Augustinian monastery. It was consecrated in 1356, in the presence of Emperor Charles IV, brother and suzerain of John Henry, and it should have served as the crypt for the House of the founder, but only John Henry and his son Jobst of Moravia, titular King of the Germans, are buried here. Current baroque appearance dates back to the second half of the 17th century (1665-1675), when the church was rebuilt according to the plans of Jan Křtitel Erna, after severe damage caused by the Swedish siege of Brno during the Thirty Years War.

About the stamp
The stamp, issued on September 5, 2012, was dedicated to Alberto Vojtech Fric (1882-1944), a famous Czech botanist, ethnographer, writer and explorer. He undertook 8 voyages to America, discovered, described and catalogued many species of cactus. 

Church of St. Thomas (Brno) - Wikipedia

sender: Juraj Veselovsky (direct swap)
sent from Blansko (South Moravia / Czech Republic), on 05.09.2012
photo: Jitka Havlova

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