May 31, 2015

1470, 1620 CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE - Oilpainting postcards


Posted on 27.02.2015, and 31.05.2015
If the first postcard received from Republic of the Congo was a sand painting one, the second and the third one are oilpaintings. Anyway, I can say that in the last years I didn't see any "real" postcard from this country, but merely handmade. And these ones are even signed, as the true paintings.


About the stamp
On the postcard 1470
The stamp is part of a series of Ornamental Plants, issued on 1996.

On the postcard 1620  

The first two stamps are part of a series about bears, issued in 1999.

The last, issued in 2000, was dedicated to the lunar module.

Sender: Jitendu D. Jueja
Sent from Brazzaville (Congo-Brayyaville), on 25.09.2014 

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