May 28, 2015

1614 SPAIN (Canary Islands) - Traditional costume of Tenerife

Even if each Canary island has its own traditional costume, there is enough common characteristics. In other words, beyond the particularities of each, the items of the costume are the same, and the predominant colour is the deep scarlet, which complements the olive skin of Tinerfeños beautifully. White leggings (el calzónes) slightly reminiscent of underwear and white voluminous petticoats (el zagaljo) worn to the ankles. For the girls, a jerkin or waistcoat made of wool or brocade and embroidery on the back with flower motifs is worn over the top of a blouse (la camisa) which is usually white and could be short sleeved, similar to gipsy style and trimmed with red ribbons on neck and sleeves or long sleeved.

The skirt (la falda) is made of wool rainbow stripes and worn over the top of the petticoat and leggings. It is trimmed with ribbons and drawn up at the side by coloured balls to revealing the petticoat. All the women wear aprons (el delantal) which are white with red ribbons and exquisitely embroidered and finished with lace.  A shawl often covers the shoulders this can range from a beautiful blanket to a humble scarf. The hat (el pañuelo) can be made of palm leaves or straw and worn with or without a headscarf they can also be black felt. The men wear woollen breeches, scarlet waistcoat and cummerbund, leather boots and a black fedora hat.

About the stamp, which depict the image choose for the overseas promotion of tourism, I wrote here.

Traditional dress in Tenerife - The Red Queen's Musings

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