May 16, 2015

1581 INDONESIA (Java) - The peacock dance (Tari Merak) in West Java

The peacock dance is a traditional folk dance popular in Asia, especially by Dai people in China, in Bangladesh, and in the western and northern parts of Cambodia.. In Indonesia, it is known as the peafowl dance (Merakin or Tari Merak) by Sundanese people in West Java, and Reog in other parts of Indonesia. It is performed by female dancers inspired by the movements of the male peacock, with the classical movements of Sundanese dance. The male peacock is famous as a dandy who reliably. Every bend and wobble of them that always dynamic with beauty of the tail feathers are always shown so that to make the peacock female interested. The clothes of the dancers have motifs like peacock feathers.

About the stamps

The two stamp forms the series Flora and Fauna, issued on 5 November 2013:
Pristis microdon (25 IDR) - It's on the postcard
Metroxylon sago (25 IDR) - It's on the postcard

Peacock dance - Wikipedia

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