May 29, 2015

1616 COOK ISLANDS (Atiu) - Ziona CICC Church

The first organised religion established on Atiu, in 1823, was that of the London Missionary Society. In later years, its name changed to Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC) and is the largest religious denomination in this archipelago. Early missionaries and other visitors to Atiu commented on the prominence of Atiu's first church building, erected soon after embracing Christianity, which could be seen from the sea when approaching the island.

In 1978, the CICC established its first congregation in Auckland. Today, there are 24 congregations in the Cook Islands, and 22 churches in New Zealand and 15 in Australia. The CICC, which belongs to the Reformed family of churches, is renowned for their strong and harmonious imene tuki, the hymns of their forefathers. Women are still required to wear hats during church service, their dress should cover their shoulders, and they should also not adorn themselves with fresh flowers. Men must not wear shorts.

About the stamp
The stamp, depicting Nymphaea Capensis, is part of a series of nine, Resized Flower, issued on 2013.

Cook Islands Christian Church - Wikipedia 

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