September 4, 2015

1873 SUDAN - Souq Omdurman

In Omdurman,  the second largest city in Sudan, lying on the western banks of the River Nile, opposite the capital, Khartoum, are several multicultural tourist targets and facilities that attract local and international visitors. Souq Omdurman, Souq Libya and Souq Aljilod are considered the largest merchandise spots that make up the scenery at Alshohada, Omdurman's downtown area. As I wrote here, a souq is an open-air marketplace or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities.

Souq Omdurman is a huge market, one of the bigest of Africa, with many small alleyways shaded with cloth. The stalls contain everything you could need for daily living: cooking utensils, clothing, tailor shops, butchers, fruit and vegetable stalls, toiletries, jewellery etc. Donkey and horse carts are used to transport goods to the stalls.  

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