September 30, 2015

1927, 1928 UNITED NATIONS - United Nations Office at Vienna

1927 United Nations - Vienna International Centre

The United Nations Office in Vienna (UNOV) is one of the four major UN office sites where several different UN agencies have a joint presence. The office complex is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and is part of the Vienna International Centre (VIC), a cluster of several major international organizations. The UNOV was established on 1 January 1980, and was the third such office established (after New York and Geneva,  and before Nairobi).

1928 United Nations - United Nations Postal Administration Flags
of the United Nations, view from the Memorial Plaza, Vienna

In 1966, the Government of Austria made an offer to the UN to construct in Vienna an international centre, and a year later, together with the city of Vienna, in a joint decision, designated an area on the left bank of the Danube as the site of the centre. The international competition for the design of the buildings, organized in 1968, attracted the interest of architects worldwide, the winner being the Austrian architect Johann Staber.

The construction began in 1972, and VIC was inaugurated on 23 August 1979. The Government of Austria handed over the VIC complex to the UN and IAEA for the symbolic rental sum of one Austrian schilling (equivalent to 0.07 euro today) a year for 99 years. It has extraterritorial status, and comprises about 4,500 offices and 9 conference rooms and accommodates about 3,600 international civil servants from about 100 countries. The Y-shaped office towers are between 48 meters and 120 meters high.

About the stamps
On the postcard 1927
The souvenir sheet is one of three which was issued on August 9, 2013, together with the stamps series Space, featuring images of Nebulae. Designed and illustrated by Sergio Baradat, this philatelic emission was released to mark the World Space Week (4-10 October), an annual event declared by the UN General Assembly.

The souvenir sheets:
• ADLERNEBEL (0,62 EUR) - It's on the postcard 1927
• MESSIER 16 (1,00 CHF)
• 30 DORADUS (0,46 USD)

The stamps:
• NGC 7293 (1,70 EUR)
• NGC 1850 (1,70 EUR)
• NGC 2346 (1,40 CHF)
• SH 2-106 (1,40 CHF)
• VR25 or TR16-244 (1,10 USD)

The last stamp is part of a series of definitive stamps, issued in 2008. The photos were adapted as stamps by Rorie Katz:
Johann Strauss Denkmal, Wien (0,10 EUR) - It's on the postcard 1927
Pallas Athene Brunnen, Wien (0,15 EUR) - It's on the postcard 1928
Festung Hohensalzburg (0,65 EUR)
Schloss Belvedere, Wien (1,40 EUR)

On the postcard 1928
The first and last stamp are part of the series of definitives stamps about which I wrote above.

The second stamp, depicting the Vienna International Centre, vas isswed in 2005. 

History of the Vienna International Centre - United Nations Office at Vienna official website
United Nations Office at Vienna - Wikipedia

Sender 1927, 1928: 
1927: Sent from United Nations (Vienna / Austria), on 06.12.2014
1928: Sent from United Nations (Vienna / Austria), on 05.01.2015

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