September 6, 2015

1878 MEXICO - The Tlacolula Market

Located at about 30 km from the center of the city of Oaxaca, Tlacolula de Matamoros is the main commercial center for the Tlacolula Valley area, and best known for its weekly open air market (or tianguis) held on Sundays. This market is one of the oldest, largest and busiest in Oaxaca, mostly selling foodstuffs and other necessities for the many rural people which come into town on this day to buy, sell and socialize. The name most likely comes from the Nahuatl phrase Tlacolullan, which means "place of abundance."

Each Sunday, very early in the morning, officials close the main street for eight blocks between the main plaza and the bus station, near the highway. Paying fees for the right, venders set up stalls all over these main road and along adjoining parts of the cross streets as well. Most are covered by low hanging colorful tarps which provide protection from sun and rain and almost completely cover the streets from the buildings on one side to those on the other.

Generally, the Sunday merchants sell everyday household items, agricultural products, prepared foods, farm animals, mezcal, clothing, jewelry, kitchen utensils, audio CDs, tools, pottery. Most of the rural people who come to town on Sunday are indigenous, and can be seen many women (who form the majority of the sellers) dressed in colorful traditional garb, such as rebozos, embroidered blouses and wool skirts. These women tend to be quite traditional, speaking Zapotec, trading items instead of accepting money and not permitting the taking of their photographs.

About the stamps
The first stamp is one of the three which forms the series Icons of Wrestling - Mil Máscaras, issued on May 11, 2011. Mil Máscaras (born Aaron Rodríguez, July 15, 1942) is one of the original "Big Three" of the lucha libre tradition in Mexico (the other two being El Santo and Blue Demon).

The second is one of the six which forms the series Icons of Wrestling - El Santo, issued on June 19, 2008. Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta (September 23, 1917 - February 5, 1984), more widely known as El Santo (The Saint), was a Mexican Luchador enmascarado (Spanish for masked professional wrestler), film actor, and folk icon. El Santo, along with Blue Demon and Mil Máscaras, is one of the most famous and iconic of all Mexican luchadores, and has been referred to as one of "the greatest legends in Mexican sports."

Tlacolula de Matamoros - Wikipedia

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