September 27, 2015

1918 MARSHALL ISLANDS - People and moments

Located in the Pacific Ocean, near the equator, slightly west of the International Date Line, the Marshall Islands has a population of 68,480 people, spread out over 29 coral atolls, comprising 1,156 individual islands and islets. Micronesian colonists gradually settled the Marshall Islands during the 2nd millennium BC, and the first Europeans which explored them were the Spaniards, in the 1520s.

The Marshallese, who forms the majority of the population, are of Micronesian origin. Two-thirds of the nation's population lives on Majuro, the capital, and Ebeye, a densely populated island. The people are friendly and peaceful, and the strangers are received warmly. Family and community are important. Concern for others is an outgrowth of their dependence on one another. They have lived for centuries on isolated coral atolls and islands.

About the stamp
The stamp, depicting Southern Stingray, is part of the series Rays, issued on April 26, 2015.

Marshall Islands - Wikipedia

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