December 18, 2015

2130 CANADA - The Musical Ride of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

One of the most iconic symbols of Canada is the The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who perform their Musical Ride at countless venues the world over each year. The horses, all black, and the 32 riders in their scarlet jackets, Stetson hats and lances perform a ride that is precision perfection. Members are first and foremost police officers who, after at least two years of active police work, volunteer for duty with the Musical Ride.

The first established police force was formed in May 1873 to police the newly acquired western territories of Canada. They were soon named the North West Mounted Police, and in 1904 added "Royal" to its name. In 1920 it merged with the Dominion Police, the main police force for all points east of Manitoba, and was renamed as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with the headquarters to Ottawa. The first ride was performed in 1887 and there were no spectators.

The original NWMP horses, were a far cry from the well bred, black horses on tour today. Until 1936 they were used also for regular duties. The RCMP has bred and raised its own horses since 1939 and produces some of the finest horses in Canada. The present day farm is at Pakenham (Ontario), where the horses stay for the first three years, before going to the training facility at Rockcliffe Park Equestrian centre in Ottawa.

The RCMP are famous for their distinctive dress uniform, or Review Order, popularly known as the Red Serge. It consists of high collared scarlet tunic (a standard British military pattern, based on the civilian Norfolk jacket), midnight blue breeches with yellow leg stripe, Sam Browne belt with white sidearm lanyard, oxblood riding boots (possibly with spurs), brown felt campaign hat (wide, flat brimmed) with the characteristic Montana crease, and brown gloves (with brown leather gauntlets for riders).

About the stamps
The stamp is part of a series of five definitive stamps, Baby Wildlife, issued on March 31, 2014, a continuation of a series issued on 2011, about which I wrote here.

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